I love my job!

Let me just say that I have been blessed to work with some pretty incredible people…they rock my world daily and challenge me to live more and more like Christ the more I spend time with them. Yay God. Can I just have this job for, like, the rest of my life!? Boo for summer internships that have to end, and boo for school that has to start in the fall.

Side note: Is xanga even cool anymore? Im pretty sure its not. Yay for blog “feeds” that go into facebook…there’s a slight chance i can keep up with the cool kids. Oh well, its good for my sanity to write things out, so yay for xanga sustaining my emotional health. just kidding.

I know I did this same internship last year, and I grew and changed and was challenged in ways I never have been before or since…but this summer the internship has been another huge growing process for me. Lets just say I have rediscovered that I have passions…like, deep firey burning passions…and i can’t contain myself. If any of the youth from Westside are reading this….I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Seriously, I am your biggest fan and I want to go to bat for you guys and help see some dreams become realities. This isnt just a summer thing for me anymore, you guys are plastered to my heart and that wont end with the internship. I’m cheering for you guys.

So…God….is there a way you can give me a job like this…like…somewhere in the world, sometime in my life. Some place where I can encourage students to dig deeper into their faith…to see students “get it”…to see them go on to become passionate leaders for the cause of Christ. I may be artistic, I may love to write, but there is a passion that burns stronger and deeper than that. I want people to know you, and to become more like you. Use me. And whether that is in the form of a job, or just as a volunteer…send me! For as long as KC is my home, I will be walking along side the youth of Westside Family Church cheering them on every step of the way. Thank you God for reviving my passions.

I love my job….and just like last year, I’ll probably bawl my eyes out when its over. But one thing is different, passion doesnt die with an internship, or with a summer. Community doesnt have to stop the day one chapter of life ends. The people I look up to and admire and respect and call my friends, they dont go out of the picture.

Thank you, God.

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