That pink haired girl.

I have a friend named Crystal.
Let me tell you, Crystal is great. The first i ever knew about Crystal it was because i was interested in volunteering with the communications at Westside, and she was my contact person. Im pretty sure i thought she had to be like in her 30’s cuz you had to be a top-dog to be a graphic designer at westside..right? Definitely admired that. So then i find out she’s only in her early 20’s. Double admiration. I mean, shoot…seriously, how much better could it get. She pretty much had the job i dreamed about. 🙂 Oh yeah, and did i mention i LOVED westside graphics, so i automatically thought she was AH-MAZING.

Then comes summer of 2006. I become an intern and find out one of the interns is good friends with Crystal (OMG-NO WAY. I might meet her!). Okay, so i first meet her…and we’ll just skip that cuz it was weird..she basically didnt talk to me and i was pretty much in shock cuz i couldnt get over how much i loved her designing stuff and then she’s saying how she doesnt want me to take her job and it was just really awkward. But we’ll fastforward that. She spent the night at our internville house several times….we even ended up going swimming together and jsut talking and getting to know each other better.

You know what i love about Crystal? You’re not just another person to Crystal. She wants to get to know you. She wants one on one time with you. You matter to her. I mean, i cant tell you how many people who say “lets get to know each other better” and never do. She makes time to get to know you. For someone who feels like im just another invisible person in the crowd, this thing alone is like gold.

You know what else? Her boldness and desire to be unique and make a difference. She wont conform. (if she did, she wouldnt have pink hair.) She is 22 and knows that her voice matters, and wont let her voice be taken away without a fight. I respect that. I’m 21 and dont think im worthy of a single peep. To see someone who demands action and wont give up until they see that…and to know she’s only 22 too…amazing. And the fact that she has already gotten so far in life at such a young age. Seriously, I aspire to have her career someday…and she already has it, only a year older than me. Awesome.

And also this. She’s a great designer and i love to be able to talk about design with her. Enough said.

And especially this. She’s honest. Seriously, she’s one of the most honest, raw, genuine people i know. She wont hide her flaws…she’ll willingly discuss them and admit she doesnt have everything together. I love that. People who act flawless really rub me the wrong way….And i appreciate that Crystal openly shows that she is a broken vessel used by God.

And lastly (and only because im running out of time and energy, not really because its the last great thing..), I love that Crystal is an example of a life chasing after God. She inspires me to seek the vision God has placed on my life. To be so courageous with so little answers, and great fears of the unknown, she still runs after the heart of God with a firey passion.

I love you, Crystal. Thanks for who you are.


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