One fine saturday..

The day was good.
I challenged myself to make plans with someone. I contacted a friend of mine, Crystal (via MSN, which we both happened to be on this morning), who i havent hung out with in a while, and I had an amazingly wonderful time with her . (Thanks for a great night, Crystal!) We went to Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Although I havent seen the first two, the third one was great, and surprisingly i understood most of it.

I slept in today. Mostly because I could, and partially because i stayed up rather late last night. But I had no plans this morning, so it was perfectly fine.

This afternoon I went out to a park and just sat on a bench looking out at the lake. I’ve been thinking an awful lot lately. Sometimes I think (there i go again..) I could drowned in thinking. So much thinking should come with a warning label: “WARNING: Too much thinking will cause you to get lost in your own mind.” But i sat out on this bench and just sat there. I mean, just sat. I feel guilty doing that sometimes, although i think i should feel more guilty that i dont do it more often. I sit and I always start to think…start to analyze…start to dig into myself and pick out all the things that should be, would be, could be better….i make plans of action as to how and when i will get things accomplished, how things will become just right in my life. I think so much that I lose myself to all reality sometimes…its not good. So anyways, i just sit today. And i let the wind hit my face and the sun glow on me. Deep breaths of fresh air. Smells like grass and water and goodness. At that point i’m close to tears as I just feel peace flood over me and i just hear ” Be still, and know that I am God” whispering through my ears.

I admit. Sometimes i really suck. I mean, my intentions are pure, dont get me wrong. But sometimes I dive into books and listen to so many sermons and just learn so much about God that sometimes I forget to be with God. Does that make sense? I’ve studied his portfolio with such intensity, that I miss the love story…you know, I forget to spend time with him. Not learning about him, not figuring out where he wants me to go next…but just being with him. I spent time with him today, and it was amazing. Literally…a breath of fresh air. Two verses came to my mind today while sitting on that bench. Psalm 46:10  “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 34:8  ” Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.”

Today was beautiful. One of those days that just takes your breath away. Something you want to remember forever. I took some pictures so that i wont forget this day too soon.

I thought a lot again tonight…i revisited some places from last summer and really made me miss “home.” Home is where the heart is…and my heart is where I’ve seen God, and in who I’ve seen God. I miss you Stesh, Kels, and Jen. I heard a song tonight on the way home from a good night (Ginny Owens-All I wanna Do)…it sums up the cry of my heart tonight.

Thank you, God.

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