Vision and God-dreams

Sometimes i think i come across like i have the answers to one topic or another dealing with this spiritual journey. Shoot. Thats the furthest from the truth. I am still figuring out what this is all about.

You know those times when things just seem to fit together and you can’t just blame it on coincidence? Man, thats what im feeling right now.

As a group of interns we are going to start reading a book called “Visioneering” by Andy Stanley. Yesterday i was apart of multiple deep conversations about vision…vision for our church, lives, a global body of Christ. It just seemed all so ironic. I’ve been thinking about what i’m supposed to do after this, where i’m supposed to go from here (‘here’ is college life, etc).

Tonight ive just kinda been hanging out, browsing other people’s blogs, reading other people’s thoughts on life, etc. Oddly enough there was a lot of talk about vision, big God-sized dreams, plans for a persons life. I dunno…just crazy.

I think the thing that i see in these internships the most is that God is everywhere, speaking through everything. Truth and guidance doesnt just come from a sermon, song, or Bible Study. Its in a movie, a conversation, a billboard, a blog, or random happenings.

God is sweet. Seriously.


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