Isaiah 6 (to read this scripture, click here .)

NOTHING. It’s the only word that comes to mind when comparing myself to God. I am nothing. As Isaiah says, I am “ruined.” (Isaiah 6:5). The first five chapters of this book ( read here ) have been focusing on the sinful country Israel has become. How calloused their hearts have become and how they have yet again turned away from their God, the One who has (time after time) chased them, loved them, and redeemed them. Wow, sounds an awful lot like my own story. According to a brief commentary in The Message, Isaiah chapters 1-39 are all focused on the judgement God brings down on Israel…but in the middle of this section, everything stops. Isaiah 6 describes the Holiness of God. The Holiness in which God will use to judge the people who have yet again turned their backs on Him. This chapter gives me chills every time i read it. The part that still gets me, which Scott Wilson ( Westside ‘s former youth pastor from last summer) pointed out last year, is the part where Isaiah exclaims “Woe to me! I am ruined!” (6:5). Every time i hear that, I have this image in my head of a majestic, holy, glorious God. Next to Him, I am standing as a degraded, destroyed, decomposing, deformed, worthless being…who was made in the image of this Holy Being, but because of my own human sin nature and because of free will that i used unwisely, I have let sin destroy me. Woe! I am RUINED compared to the Holiness of God. I am RUINED compared to the wholeness that God created me with, RUINED compared to what He originally intended me, as a human being, to be! This humbles me every time i read it. Picturing myself as the ruined mess that I truly am.

But then things get even cooler-my “guilt is taken away and [my] sin atoned for!” (6:7). The Holy has redeemed me! He has restored me to be fully human as he intended! I must walk in this truth!! I must live in the wholeness ( holiness ) He intended. WOW-that just clicked for me. To be holy is to be WHOLE (as God originally intended me to be!!! Without the unforgiveness, bitterness, deception, lust, hatred, materialism, greed, etc. that degrades me piece by piece, making me less and less WHOLE and more and more INCOMPLETE!)

I love how the story does even end there! God then wants to use us…once we are WHOLE (holy). “‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ and I said ‘Here I am. Send me!'” (6:8)

I come to you today broken, incomplete, and resembling Israel more than I ever want to admit. Turning my back to you, going my own way, forgetting how You chase after me, time after time, to love me, redeem me, and restore me. You want, more than anything, to restore me to the person you originally intended me to be. Restore me, Father. I come to you today admitting that I AM Israel…broken and ruined…and I want to be whole. I want to be holy as You are holy. Wash me of this mess I have made of myself. I come knowing that even the sinless angels cry “Holy! Holy! Holy!” to you. That even they must cover their eyes and feet in Your presence. Blow me away by Your holiness…show me Your glory. Flood my with Your holiness, glory, love, and redemption. I am Yours. I cry holy, holy holy for I truly am ruined!! 


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