To my aunt…

To my aunt…

If you ever read this, just know that i miss you. Also know that i have many many questions for you. It has been almost a year since i have seen you or even talked to you..and im wondering why you walked out of my life. I can not be mad and i can not be bitter, because that will only destroy my own life, not yours. I can not hold hatred towards you, or wish to seek revenge, because that will only corrupt the joy in my life, it will not affect yours. Know that i miss you. I dont understand everything, and i know i never will. Perhaps we will never hold a good relationship again, but what we had when i grew up made some great memories that i will always have. You were a great ear when i needed one throughout highschool, i only wish you were here for this part of my life. Because if you were here, you would see that i have found new life. If you were here, you would be overjoyed to see the transformation in my life. Know that i have met Jesus in a very real way, and he turned my life upside down. I have experienced true freedom, and while i still get pulled off the right track, I know who holds my life and who holds the key to true joy. I can only wish for you the same thing. I have emailed you and tried to keep in touch for all of your life’s major events, like birthdays and anniversaries, but have not heard from you…and that is okay as long as you are finding healing through your silence. I do not know what you are doing with your life, but i pray that you are experiencing the freedom and the joy that I have found in Christ. Know that i miss you and love you…and if i never hear from you again, know that i am stepping through the process of forgiveness myself.

Your neice,



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