Progress on this year’s theme…

This year instead of making new years resolutions, i took some of my friends’ lead and decided to put a “theme” to the upcoming year. My theme for 2007 is: Take Risks and Learn to Love.

So what exactly does that all entail, and what exactly have i done so far to live out that theme? Well i’ve been working on the first part of it lately…I applied at several places for a new job, and interviewed at two places, and ended up getting a job at FedEx Ground!! Its crazy…its a huge risk considering the hours are 11:30pm-3:30am. Its a manual labor job, which i’ve never had before…it is such hard work! Just this job alone is a big risk. Yet ive really enjoyed the challenge, and the opportunity to defeat my growing credit card balances. It has brought so much relief to my life, as tough as the job is. It really is an answer to prayer!

Megan also got me a gym membership (which i havent taken much advantage of this week..) but for the most part I have enjoyed working out and trying to get my body into shape. Im ready to make this year count.

The last half of my theme…learn to love. This is what i hope to tackle in the upcoming weeks and months. I have been put in several situations that are really going to stretch my length of love. I am surrounded with broken hearts and broken lives at FedEx..and even if it means to be a little light in the darkness…i hope that i will learn to love these people as Christ did. I’ve also been feeling very disconnected with all of my friends, feeling so distant and in a different league as all the rest…yet the thing that will penetrate those walls is love. Learning to love in new ways, in genuine ways, loving someone for who they are now–not who they were, or will be, or who i want them to be. But for who they are right here, right now.

Learning to love. In a way, it kinda seems silly. Does a person really have to learn to love? I think some types of love come naturally…there are other types that you have to learn. At least i think so. Learning to love your enemies, those that are different than you, those that have hurt you, disappointed you, ignore you. My goal is to learn what love is, and how to love. It may be quite a journey..but im ready for it.

Thats all for my update…ill try to be back again soon. But no promises. Keep me in your prayers. Have a great week.


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