Gotta Keep Singin'

Its 5:00 in the morning, and yes..i am still awake. I know, i am not sure what has gotten into me either. I’ve been watching some Nooma videos tonight, as well as listening to some great sermons from itunes. I have been so encouraged tonight. I’ve been reminded of Gods amazing transformation in my life over this past summer…I’ve been reminded that its a daily process, and as Ross Parsley from New Life Church says “there can be no resurrection unless there is a death.” As scary as death sounds….I jump to that decision in a heartbeat.

I run to you…fall to your feet…and die to myself once again. In my lifeless body before your throne, I feel more alive than ever before. You’re the one who keeps my heart beating. In my death, you have resurrected me and have given me new life. Day by day, as I die to myself and take up my cross, you make me a new creation. And that thought alone brings a smile to my face. I love you…i love you….i love you. If only the earth’s sunsets, and melodies, and the smell of fresh roses give a glimpse of Your beauty, I can’t wait to stand and see you face to face. Your name is like a breath of fresh air. I love you…i love you…i love you.

Gotta Keep Singing by MercyMe is amazing. It talks about the hard times of life…and that through those times…we’ve got to keep singing. Find a way to listen to it…I am sure that you will love it!


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