“I believe we are most like God when we are creating like the Creator.”
–Darren Miley, Westside College Pastor–

writing flowers

To create. To form something from our own imagination. To reflect beauty. To inspire greatness. To express a feeling that is impossible to expressed through logic.

God. Creation of beauty out of nothing . Because of the Creator, we came into being, and we have substance surrounding us making up the world. I truly believe one of the greatest gifts God has given us was the ability to create. If you’re not artistic, dont turn away now. Take time to listen. Without the ability to create, this world would be a monotonous, mechanical, standardized place. The ability to create connects us to a place inside each of us that cannot be reached through any other method…i truly believe this. And I would go so far to agree that Darren just might be right…..maybe we really are most like God when we are creating. Creation is an outflow of our soul…a demonstration of the ingenuity God has installed in each one of us. Uniqueness is on full display when we allow ourselves to create. We worship God in a way through creating that is impossible with logic…i really believe this. It expresses feelings that are unexpressable with facts and figures. 

Not creative? Think again. I think we are all creative!! After all, God created us each in HIS own image! Right? And the image of God consists of creativity. He is the master of design! The beauty of God’s creation is that its unique. Meaning that each human being creates in a unique way. It might be the common concept of creativity…drawing, painting, crafting, sculpting. But its also writing, composing, singing, playing an instrument. Its using your hands to create pieces of woodwork, its using your hands to dig into the earth and arranging flowers in a way that is an outflow of your inner expressions. Its filming video, shooting photography, decorating your house in a way that appeals to the eye. Its building a house, landscaping a lawn, cooking a meal or planning a party. Its thoughtful speech, the presentation of clever concepts, fluently placing words on a page that move people to action. Its thoughtfully presenting an attractive style of clothing, being resourceful with what you have, gracefully moving to the rhythms of movement. Creativity is everywhere. Creativity is in each one of us.

My challenge is that we get connected to that part of our souls again. Some of us are convinced at an early age that “we’re just not creative!” But you are !!! Who cares that you can’t draw or sing or write….can you inspire others through your thoughts? Can you present an attractive meal? Can you decorate your house in stunning ways? Can you create a masterpiece of a garden or build a respectful piece of furniture? YOU, a child of God created in His image, you are creative!! And then there are others who have gotten so busy with life that we just don’t have time to do those trivial things, we have grown up things to do now. Trivial? Unproductive? Wasted time? No. It is a chance to connect to the creator in ways our soul can’t connect otherwise. You and I were made to create. There is a part of us that is dying inside because we’re failing to express that part of our soul that was made for creativity. There are others of us who are assigned to create. It becomes just another task to accomplish. Just another deadline to reach, another thing to mark off the list. Its become a mandated, routine assignment to finish. Lets be reminded that each of these creativity-demanding tasks is an opportunity to connect with the Creator through creating. Lets set time apart to create out of an overflow of spiritual expression instead out of obligation.

To create. To express an unexpressible worship through our ability to create. Let’s keep it alive…don’t let it die. You are a beautiful creation.  You were given the ability to create. Go to desperate measures to express your own, individual worship to the King of Creation. Do it today. Create…and glorify your Creator.


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