The lady with the Tweezers

I’ve been reflecting a lot today.
A lot.
I enjoy reflecting. I’m thankful God gave me a mind in which I can think and process and review and examine and explore and question this world and this life that He blessed me with.

I drove home today for thanksgiving. And on my way home, I got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that was caused by a major accident that had happened earlier in the day on that interstate. I-435 North was completely shut down. Four lanes of traffic at a standstill because of a horrible accident. I’m not sure i’ve seen that ever happen before. I sat there thinking how much time this was wasting, and how late I was going to get home. We eventually got hauled onto a detour that took me to an unfamiliar highway with slow speeds that routed me slowly through downtown Kansas City. I thought about how much longer this trip was going to take, and how I would have to take a road that I didnt plan to take. Yet, the destination was still the same. As I was sitting in the traffic, i looked over to the lady in the van that was stopped next to me. She was probably 45, from an ethnic background, and I think she had short hair. I’m not sure, i tried not to stare. The reason I avoided looking directly at her was the fact that she had her tweezers out plucking her chin and moustache hairs from her face as she used the rearview mirror to inspect her face. It struck me as funny. And then i thought….we have goals in life, and usually have a plan for how this goal will be accomplish and approximately how long it will take. For me, I think about getting married. Some people are blessed to have the chance to take the fast lane. There are others of us who have been slowed down, stopped, and even detoured from this original plan. But the destination is still the same. Eventually, God willing, I will get well as many of my other friends…and we will all be in the same destination…marriage. But today reminded me that sometimes things just don’t go as planned. But along those detours and stops, I’m going to be blessed with things that carry me through….like the lady with the tweezers. I was blessed with a laugh.   All in all, I was reminded to enjoy this journey. After all, its not all about the destination…but about the process it takes to get there.


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