This Book tells MY story…

The crucifixion has never hit me the way it did tonight. Peter had seen the greatness of Christ, His transforming power, his healing touch, His divine guidance. And yet he denied Him 3 times. The high priests had seen this work too, yet schemed to get Him killed. And Judas, a follower of Christ himself, betrayed the one he knew had performed miracle upon miracle. And because of it, Christ died. He died for all. And in a way, I believe he died for all, because this is OUR story. Maybe there are some who have done wrong all their life, like Barrabbas or the theives. But they saw the difference in Jesus. But thats not my story. My story is that of Peter’s or Judas’. They were friends, they had great times together, they learned so much from Him, and they saw His transforming power. Yet they deliberately turned on Him. They knew who he was, and they denied Him…they betrayed Him. After ALL HE DID FOR THEM…for ME…we turned our back on Him! All for WHAT?! To get what we think we needed? It is hard for me to believe that Jesus died for Peter and Judas…but He did. And He died for me too. And he knew that for an instant I would choose the world over Him–after all He’s done for me–after all I’ve experienced. He died for ME. This is my story.

Because after all the knowledge, and feelings, and experiences–the story is the same. He died in my place. And he did it KNOWING all of who I was, am, and will be. I am human, not God. Alone i am incapable. In my strength, I am weak..helpless. But because he DIED, I can live. HE LIVED TO SHOW ME HOW TO DIE, HE DIED TO SHOW ME HOW TO LIVE . I must DAILY live in that truth. THis journey to be like Christ is not about how perfect I can make my humanity, nor is it about laying my humanity aside. it is simply about modeling Christ WITH His help. Every…single…step…of…the…way. Because DAILY I must die, in order to live the LIFE he intended for me. The Word is so powerful because it tells MY story.


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