My passions..

So i was thinking about that previous article that I posted..the one about passions. I was thinking about how it said that passions are your driving force in life. That your passions ultimately drive you into who you will become. And if thats the case, I think i need to know my passions…in the fact that i become something positive, not negative, in light of what my passions are. So what are these passions of mine?

First, excellence. I say this because i find myself devoting so much of my time to my schoolwork. Although I want to say that I could care less about school, I still find myself desiring to get good grades. Possibly because i need to in order to keep some scholarships, but obviously i got those scholarships because I previously attained high grades. So I aspire for excellence in schoolwork. But not only that, but i aspire to be excellent in my talents, in the artwork I create, in the relationships I make. I want to be the absolute best that I can be in any area I pursue. Excellence is a huge passion of mine.

I’d say love is another passion. I love to love people, to be generous towards them, to invest time into them, to go the extra mile for them, to support and encourage them, and to help them in any way possible. I am working on figuring out what love actually is. Its not just about loving your great friends and family, but about your enemies, the ones you dont care about, the ones that irritate you or dont respect you or your time. I am learning to love and i am learning what love is. Its a passion of mine. I also desire to be loved. To be shown that you are loved by family makes you feel safe and secure, to be shown that you are loved by your best friend makes you feel wanted and accepted and unique, to be shown that you are love by other friends and aquaintences makes you know that you’re important to them and that youve had an impact in their life, and eventually to be loved by my husband…to know that he chose me out of the rest because of who I am. I love to love, and to be love…and its a passion of mine to do so, and to actually figure out what love is.

I’d say the arts are also a passion of mine. I highly enjoy creating, seeing what I can come up with. I love the challenge of the arts. I enjoy the way music makes me feel, and the way I can express myself in writing. I heard once that you are most like God when you are creating….I like that statement.  

I am passionate about learning, exploring, being adventurous. I am fascinated to learn new things, I love to travel and see things I’ve never seen before. I love taking risks, and seeing my capabilities unfold. I like being daring and push myself to my limits.

But of all of these, as cliche as it sounds, I am passionate for God. I live and breathe God. How could I not? I’m in love. As the song says…”in the morning when i rise/when i am alone/when i come to die….give me Jesus.” He’s everything to me, more than a story, more than words on a page of history.

I come to think of all of my passions. “Your passions are your driving force in life…your passions will drive you to who you become.”  In light of that, i think it would be safe to say that its important to keep even my passions prioritized. I say this because I’ve found myself pursuing excellence (in schoolwork) without pursuing God. And things just dont line up. If God is the Excellent, why should i not go through him in order to find excellence in every other area i’m pursuing? If God is love, why should i not go through him in order to love and find love? If God is the Creator, why should i know go through him in order to unleash my own creativity? And if living a life for God is like living an adventure, where you’re always learning and exploring…why should i not go through him in order to pursue my passions of adventure? Simply stated, without God, nothing comes to its full potential. God has given us our passions in order to fulfill the purpose he has created us for. Why should we do any less than be passionate for what God has instilled in each of us?

Excellence in my studies, in my workplace, in my talents…yes, indeed these are all positive things to focus on…but is it not the passion for excellence that God has instilled in me that causes me to focus on these things? Yes. But when focused only on these things, I forget the very reason God has placed that passion of excellence in me….because deep down, i want to strive to excellence in fulfilling the purpose God has created me to fulfill. A purpose that only I can achieve, and a purpose that he had in mine when creating me. So yes, the pursuit of excellence is truely an amazing thing, and is respected in all areas of life, including schoolwork, the workplace, in relationships, in talents, and in so many other aspects of life. We never want to strive to be less than excellent in any area we choose to pursue. But let us not forget the very reason God has place this passion for excellence in our lives….in order that our souls would not be satisfied until we have reached excellence in what God has created us to be, and even then, let us not be satisfied, but then only be hungry and more passionate for more of God and less of us. So with that being said, and completely not even knowing where all of this just came from, I challenge myself as well as you, to examine our desires for excellence..whether in grade point averages, in the workplace, in marriage, in friendship, in keeping the house clean, or in the talents that we have. Let us strive for excellence, but only in perspective to our main pursuit of excelling in who God has created us to be. Let us not be distracted by the minimal needs of excellence in other areas of our lives, but let us drop everything, let us sit down and relax (without feeling guilty for doing so), and let us spend time with our maker, lets spend time pursuing Him, in order to find excellence from the Excellent.

And let us, in turn, find our way to excellence in the purpose God has called us to fulfill.


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