Pharisees are stupid.

Why dont they get it?

Why are they caught up in their own world, which will count for nothing in the end?

Why dont they realize that they know nothing, and mean nothing, and head knowledge doesnt do a thing without actions in their heart and lives?

Dont they see His miraculous birth in Chapters 1-2? Dont they see His life from all the way back in Chapter 3? I’m in Chapter 23, and for the past few chapters, the Pharisees are really starting to get on my nerves. Constantly trying to catch Christ without an answer, trying to put Him in a sticky situation, constantly trying to throw rules at Him trying to see how he responds….

PHARISEES….SHUT UP!! Ugh. It is NOT about you, or how much you know, or how “popular” you think you are. Why can’t you see that???

Father, I’m so frustrated right now. Why dont they get it? You’d think that they would be the first to follow…they’re the “religious”…they’re the theologians, philosophers, teachers, preachers….they know that the Messiah was coming, they knew all of the signs to look for….so why didn’t they see your Son when He came? They got so caught up in their world, that started for all of the right reasons, and they shut out everything else. Don’t they realize that it doesnt matter how many shiny gold stickers they have on the Bible Memory sheet if they dont live it out in their life? God let me be so caught up in you, but never caught up in a “God world” that I’ve created on my own. When you move, I want to move. I dont want your ways to be an inconvenience to my ways…but rather your will be done on earth (in my life) as it is in heaven (the will you have in store for me). Let me remember what was said in 1 Corinthians 13…I could speak in the tongues of angels, or have the gift of prophesy, or faith that can move mountains..but if i dont love (love you and love others…the greatest commandment)…then i am NOTHING. Father stretch me…mold me…use me…break me. Because when im broken, the only way i can be used is through your power, not my own. Continue to remind me that it isnt about me…but about You and your kingdom. And Father, this is the cry of my heart tonight….may i never resemble a pharisee. I love you….I love you…I love you. All for you, worthy and glorious King.


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