Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Psalms 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Tonight Jonny’s question of the night was “what does it mean that we are fearfully made?” I love it how he challenges me. This was my first thought…

Is it possible that while we are all born sinners, God has instilled in each of us a holy fear/reverance of Him? We are all wonderfully made…so complex, so intruiging, so amazing in the way that God has made us, and along with that, he has placed in each of us a holy reverence to Him…the Creator. Something that we can all freely deny, but something that will always remain in us. And is it possible for that very reverence of God, instilled in each person, to assist in a sinner’s awareness that their life isn’t aligned to the way it was originally made? That there is power from One to restore that man to his Maker’s original, perfect design? Almost like a signature on a masterpiece…that painting may be messed up or altered, but ultimately it still has the artist’s signature on it…it still has a source of origin. Or maybe like a signet ring….a ring bearing the initials of he who wears the ring. A form of identity. Fearfully made. Is there something in us that will always revere the One who made us, that will always identify when our Maker draws near to us?

And then i started looking up different perspectives of this concept of being fearfully made. And I came across a commentary that thought of it in this way…we obviously know how wonderfully we are made. Biology books can only begin the wondering process of how complex we are really made. In such fine detail, we were made to function in such a perfect way. To the hairs on our heads, to every capilary vein, to the amount of heartbeats we each have. Everything in such perfect harmony, its hard to deny the wonder of the human being that God has created. And this can be used in such amazing ways to glorify God, to declare his power, holiness, matchless wonder. The human being can be viewed as WONDERFULLY made, for man is capable of doing extraordinary things for God. But man can also be viewed as FEARFULLY made. In the complexity of the human being, we have been given a lot of power (in human terms). We have the power to destroy our bodies and souls. Yes, man is something to view as wonderful…but to view with a sense of fear as well. I guess it goes along with Rob Bell’s message “The Other Me.” See, whether we want to admit it or not, we all have two sides. We may have tamed and controlled one side, or we may have tried to ignore the other side….but we all have two sides. So reading this passage with that in mind…”I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Is David saying “God you gave me two sides. You created me like that!” A side to love, a side to fear? I dont know. That might bring up the big question “did God create evil?” i dont think he did, it would be against His nature. The fall of man created that second side…but did God know we would all have two sides? I think so. So the thought that God may have made us with both sides might be completely invalid. But its something to dig into…right? Man, my head is exploding.

I can’t wait to never stop learning. When we’re followers of Christ, will there ever be an end to learning about the ways of God? Will we ever stop seeing the Text in a new way? no. and that excites me.

Just thoughts….

(by the way, i’d love to hear your responses to these things…feel free to post comments!! If you cant figure out how to do that, i’d love to hear from you at watts.ak@gmail.com )


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