Thursday night thoughts.

Thursday night, and here I am sitting in my Informational Graphics class. Trying to catch a breather while all of this information is thrown at me. So much to learn, so exciting, yet so exhausting. It feels like I will never have time to catch my breath. Off to class in the morning, then work, then the nights events depending on the day, then back to do homework. Jump in bed just to wake up in the morning and run the same marathon….day…after day…after day. Constantly on the go, constantly running from place to place. But in those brief times that i sit down before i eat, i just have time to stop, and really just communicate with God. And im reminded that He gives rest to the weary. I’m reminded that my God is a runner…He is chasing after my heart second by second. He never sits in a lazy boy as I run off to class, He NEVER leaves me, He runs with me. And when I jump into bed at night, He’s there again. My God NEVER fails. So in these times when im in over my head, He’s there beside me, giving me my very next breath. And soemtimes, thats all i need to get through the day. Well, i’ve gotta get back to paying attention. 🙂


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