Randomness (part 2)

Today my small Iowa town of 800 residents, University Park, is celebrating its centennial. There was a parade this morning with tractors, lawn mowers, oldest residents, longest residing citizens, a lady walking her dog. Total, and pure randomness. The people loved it. My dad (the mayor) and mom (the city clerk) drove through in a black Corvette convertable. Right now I can hear a little 11 year old belt out songs through a little sound system over at the city park. Old people are swarming around everywhere. You’d think the president was coming. Pomp and circumstance everywhere around this little town in Iowa..that most people probably dont even know is a town. Its insane. Totally random. Here are some other random things that may bring a smile to your heart…

….What are the purpose of bouncy balls? I mean, seriously…every time you throw one, it bounces all over the place and usually ends up somewhere you dont want it to….did someone once think “Hey, i really wish i had a small little sphere that i could just chuck at the ground and then it would fly hundreds of feet away in all sorts of directions so that i can just run and find it? And maybe if im lucky it will bounce right back at me and pelt me in the eye?” What fun is that anyways? Random thoughts….

….People say I look like my great grandma Swenson….she had jowells…a.k.a. “bulldog cheeks.” They hung down from her face, and what may have been “cute” at one point, now made her look similar to a canine. Why do people say I look like her?  Who says things like that?

….Why are the primary colors red, yellow, and blue? Why not pink, brown, and green?

….If you tried to go fishing with gummy worms, would you catch any fish?

….Who chose to label bra sizes with letters? In school I strive to be a straight “A” student…”A” is always considered to be good…..so why should bra sizes be any different?

….What if i dyed my cat’s hair pink…that would be pretty sweet. I’d probably be famous for having a pink cat. Kinda like Clifford the big red dog, it would be Pumpkin the big pink cat. 

….Can people with big noses smell better?

….I dreamed of my wedding last night. The random part was that I actually saw who the groom was. Every other time I havent seen what he looked like….

….I used to try to clean out my cats ears with a q-tip. He didnt like it.

….Will i really have to wear Depends someday? How weird would that be to be in a conversation with an old time friend and just do your business in your pants in the middle of the conversation. I couldnt do it. “Pardon me, Bertha, what did you say again? I was distracted for a moment….” Um, no.

….What would people think of me if i constructed a necklace out of free hotel shampoo bottles and wore it around my neck out in public? Random thoughts…

….Who invented the catapult, and why did they name it that ? Did someone think “Hey, lets see how far we can launch that cat in the air!” Cuz THAT is NOT funny….

Random thoughts…….


One thought on “Randomness (part 2)

  1. Well what would you think if I told you that I bought a full size piano the other day. For a dollar. Yes, it’s true.  Random, but true.  My friends think I’m crazy but it looks cool in its brokenness.

    One more random thing – I am currently covering a shoe in chewed bubble gum.  Most people avoid getting gum on their shoes, but I am making it happen.  It’s really gross – sticking slobbery gum into a shoe some man had their foot in, but hey… I’m just trying to explore for an assignment.

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