The Call. (Matthew 10)

Okay, holy cow…God never ceases to amaze me. So for the past two or three weeks, I have been stuck on Matthew 10 during my devotions. I could not get past this call that Jesus gave to His disciples…i knew that this call was for me as well. So i would try to chew on little parts of this “calling” each time i did my devotions. Finally I couldnt take it any longer…i had to completely dissect it tonight, because I just had to know what God was trying to say to me through this. So here I was, reading each paragraph and paraphrasing what it basically said. After that “wow, cool” moment, I knew there was something more…something so simple that was calling out to me, yet something so powerful…so I categorized each little part of this calling according to what those paraphrases were telling me. This is where we can insert my “ah ha” moment!! This very calling that Jesus Christ gave to His twelve disciples two thousand years ago, is the very calling we are asked to follow today. From what I got of it, there are five main points of His calling. Below I’m going to just type up my “paraphrase” of chapter 10, and ill put the five main parts in different colors. Obviously, you can expand or contract chapter 10 to speak to you in an entirely different way than it spoke to me, but this is the very basics of what I felt it was saying. God is amazing.

*The Call

*The Warning

*The Encouragement

*The “Catch”

*The Reward  

Go to the people in your circle of influence. Walk the road of the simple life. Be gentle and respectful and rely on the One you represent. Be cautious! This road is dangerous! Always rely on the One you represent. You’ll be hated, possibly persecuted, and pushed further into discomfort…but you will be rewarded for walking this dangerous road. Again, rely on the One you represent. Don’t expect to be treated any better than Christ, the One you represent. Speak the Word of God boldly. Don’t fear death of the flesh, but death of the soul. Dont forget that you are so valuable to God! But just know–if you don’t stand up for God, why should He stand up for you? He never promised comfort. He asked us to take the dangerous road. If you can’t sacrifice everything for Him, you’re not worthy of Him and His sacrifice for you. If you give up your identity for Him, you will find your true identity. But the best part…those who do accept you have accepted Him!! And you will be rewarded for your acts as an apprentice of His trade.


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