Wednesday night I was up until 5:45 a.m. …last night I was up until 7:30 a.m. Why? I do not know. I tried sleeping, honestly I did, but the trying turned useless. So now I’m tired. Yes, what a concept. Other randomness of my life to bring a chuckle to your heart…

…It took 25 foils to highlight/lowlight my hair yesterday.

…I dreamed of going to an ice cream parlor last night.

…I used to have a red 1997 Chevy Cavalier with black bumpers. The back bumper had a hole in it that I never fixed. I miss my Cav.

…I prefer Crest tooth paste and an Oral-B toothbrush.

…The toilet paper must fall from behind the roll, not from the top.

…How many toothpicks would it take to build a house for my cat?

…Whatever happened to slinkies, Gak, and Light Brites? I’d enjoy playing with those again.

…I wonder if I’ll have gray hair or white hair when I get old. Will I have to trim random hairs from my husbands eyebrows, nose, and ears? Cuz that would be weird. What if I cut his nose hole divider? Wow, that would look wierd. A one nostriled man.

…I was in an 80’s music video. I played the part of Deb.

…I have a giant, pink bouncy-ball in my purse. I’m saving it for someone special.


6 thoughts on “Randomness.

  1. wow. Thank you. that made me laugh. I’ve never really thought about the toilet paper thing before, and I don’t miss slinkies…mine would always get tangled. But I do miss lite brights – lets get one!

  2. omg..omg..that was soo great..I love that so much!! You are soo great!! 🙂 I love you more and more and miss you more and more!! Thank you so much for laughing with me! I heart laughter!!

  3. Sorry that your jealous!!! I’ll bring you a seashell or something!  And I wonder who the bouncy ball is for?!?!?  And I  can’t wait to see your hair!! Fabulous!

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