My identity in Christ

I have a goal of someday composing a piece of written work, in whatever shape or form that is. I had a goal for this year that I would start working on some type of writing…a form of a book or some sort of written concoction. But throughout this summer I’ve stepped back and realized that I’m not at the point to write anything at this time…but oddly enough I have this sense that I may be currently living in or soon to experience something big…bigger than myself. Thats an exciting, and scary thought. And at that time, if I feel God leading me to share those experiences to magnify him (not myself!) then maybe I’ll write something..maybe. I’ve never thought about myself as a writer…

Its odd, because for so long I’ve kinda just labeled myself as a “graphic designer.” And thats who I was. Period. Angie Watts, the graphic designer. But in one of our group devotion times this summer, we talked about being available for God’s call. This generation is being called just to be in pursuit of Him…we’re not experiencing a call to a certain occupation as much as generations before us. But we are just being called to follow wherever He leads. And that really hit me, and I’m still chewing on that concept. The concept that, at this stage in my life, i’ve been called to be a graphic designer and use my artistic talents to creatively communicate the most important message in the world. But there may be a point where God says “now I want you to write” or “now I want you to serve me in a different country” or “now I want you to be a wife of this particular man for this particular reason” or “I want you to be a mother of this child for this reason.” ….I’m not just “Angie Watts, the graphic designer.” I am simply “Angie Watts, my identity is found in Christ.” Wow…i’m not exactly sure i even understand what I just wrote. Hmmm. Thats a big one to grasp…

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