God Stays.

Warning: sad, sappy depressing mood does produce sappy writing.

I miss the interns so much . I miss this summer so much. Not only has my life been radically changed, but I have grown so close to so many amazing people. I have had so many good memories and experiences and discussions. I’m laying here in bed tonight really missing my friends. To the point of tears, I feel as if my heart is literally breaking. This time in life is so amazing, yet it is so hard because we’re never in the same place for very long. Home, school, summer. Constantly changing, moving, leaving. Why must we go through these times? Why are goodbye’s so hard? Why is distance sometimes unbearable? I’m waiting for someone to stick around. Someone I can grow with, learn with, explore with, become intimate with…someone who will stay. God stays. Always desiring to become more intimate. So whether humans come or go in my life, there is One who stays. Always. 24/7/365. For eternity. I am desperate for the comfort only the Father can give, I am homesick …wanting to just go to our heavenly home where I can live eternally with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am still on tat search for a human who will stay. But if I never find him, let me cling to this truth:

God stays.


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