Doing Life Together. (thats what its all about)

Greetings from Manhattan, KS!!! The new home of Stesha Richter…one crazy intern. lol  This weekend she moved to her new house close to her college, and Kels and I came over from Kansas City to help her move in and get settled. Its hard to unpack her stuff in a new house..seeing things that remind me of so many great memories at the Intern house, but I know that life goes on, and a new season of life is now upon us. I really had no intentions of being in a different city today…i had planned to sleep in and get swallowed in a good book in a nice coffee shop and just enjoy the day until the girls came over to Megans for our last slumber party before I headed home. but those plans changed. Last night, after realizing that Stesha and her family still hadnt left for Manhattan from KC, I knew that she was going to have a lot of unpacking to do today and with her parents leaving earlier today, she would be all alone to unpack her 1 million, 78 thousand, 245 boxes.  (I love you, Stesha!) SOOOO…knowing this, immediately I called Kelsey and we made arrangements to leave early this morning to head out to good ole Manhattan, KS to help our fine feathered friend (stesha) unpack. This is what Christian fellowship is all about….doing life TOGETHER. Its not just about accountability, not just about encouragement and support and a shoulder to cry on (although all of those are ingredients to strong fellowship in Christ) but its about just being there when we are needed. Being available to God and to others. To be the hands and feet of Christ. Not only to those who we call our friends, but choosing to be available to those who arent so loveable as well. Thats one thing I’m having to learn. Love, servanthood, compassion…its not just something we must show to our friends, but to our enemies as well…those who persecute us and do us wrong, as God says. So these are my thoughts as I sit in Stesha’s room right now. How important it is to be available to God…to be a support for my close companions or for the unloveable kid down the street. Anyways…random thoughts. I’m off! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Doing Life Together. (thats what its all about)

  1. Angie, you are amazing. Even if you are just an instrument of God, it is amazing that you are letting Him work through you. I am sad that we all aren’t together anymore, but I am excited what God is continuing here. 

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