So I’m sitting here in Megan’s studio, listening to Jonny play her guitar, and the girls are downstairs preparing for dinner, and I’m just realizing how much I truly am going to miss this. As Christians we always hear how “two are better than one” and that when “two or three are gathered, He is here in our midst”..but how many times do we get the mindset that “we can make it on our own?” How easy is it to say “oh I can overcome this struggle alone, I can be motivated to be in the word daily on my own, I can make it as a Christian by myself easily.” BUT WE CAN’T! I can’t even say how much I have grown this summer…not because I’ve been leading girls (although that has stretched me in ways I didnt expect) but because I have been surrounded by strong, genuine Christians who encourage me in my faith. I think of the many times Stesha and I stayed up ’til wee hours of the morning just being genuine about life…about struggles, hopes, dreams, fears, honestly opening up about our faith in Christ. I don’t doubt for a second that the reason I’ve grown so much this summer is because of this very factor. And quite possibly, its why I havent grown much in the past few years…because I’ve lacked this close community of genuine Christ followers. I’m not saying that I dont have some close friends who make sure i dont go too far off the right path…but its not even about that. I’m not just talking about guarding each other from doing wrong things, but pushing each other to go even deeper in God. We might have 10 God-moments in a day, and learn a million things from God in a week…but that close community says “Go deeper…you’re not there yet…keep pressing into God!” Its a constant encouragement, an honest heart, a positive questioning of the mysteries of God.

I fear the future. I fear it because in three days, I’m going to lose that community. Via internet we will still connect, but they wont be by my side, dialoging about the common things of life as we have in the last two months. I fear going back to school and not having companions to honestly open my heart to, not having those people who encourage me to keep digging into God, not to settle for what I have now, but to keep on going. Thats the whole point of LifeGroups at Westside…but my schedule is so busy that I wont even be able to be apart of one. Yet, I now realize how VITAL it is to be a part of a community…NOT merely for fellowship…but to do life together! To dialogue about God…

This is what I will miss…..


One thought on “Community.

  1. Hey..thanks for honesty..thanks for being loyal..I believe in you so much and I also believe in the strength that God will give you. You are so strong and courageous. Thanks for trying to live the life that we are called to live. You are wonderful and thanks so much for realness and striving for the goal..I miss you more than you know already. Thanks for having an open, willing, listening heart!  Thanks for being who God created you to be!! 🙂

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