Prayer request

Please pray for my roommates and I when it comes to your minds. Things are getting very stressful around here, preparing for camp next week and a big worship event this coming Sunday night, along with keeping all other events in order as well. Things have been fallen into our laps that we havent prepared to deal with, and satan is doing his best to attack us in every way possible. There’s more to all of this, and that is why I’m asking for prayer for us as we prepare for the summer to come to an end and figuring out where we go from here. Also in getting everything done by the deadlines set before us, and time for us to rejuevenate before we head off to an amazing week at camp. I’m a laid back type of person so I just feel overwhelmed and burdened by all that is coming up, and that is before I think about heading back to school and how im going to possibly pay for my next car payment, cell phone bill, or text books. Please keep me in your prayers…for peace, trust, and strength. Thanks. Love you all.


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