The Chosen Elite

I must write, before this revelation wears off. Tonight, as we drove home from Bible study, Kelsey and I were talking about preparing for the future, and what to expect in the days and months ahead of us. Discussing the shock of school starting back up, putting into practice what we’ve learned, and what God has in store for us. I was sharing the fact that I feel God has placed me at MNU for a reason, and its in His will for me to stay there. In my freshman year, I never found my “nitche” or a core group of friends where I could totally be myself. I struggled with wanting to transfer, hoping to hear Gods voice call me elsewhere, yet when I would return to the thought of staying at MNU, a huge peace would rush over me. My sophomore year started the same way, yet throughout the year and into the second semester, I formed some great friendships with a group of girls on my hall. I found myself getting really close to one girl in particular, Brittany, who i felt that i could completely open up to, share my life with, be completely honest about my faith and who I was, and a beautiful friendship had started. It is very possible that she is not returning to MNU this year. This brings me back to the hard feelings of not wanting to be at MNU, yet feeling led to stay there because it is where God is leading me to be. As we discussed this, Kelsey began sharing similar feelings, and the thought that maybe God has something way bigger in store…something bigger than she even knows.

That was the preceding conversation that led into an amazing conversation where God revealed a little more of His plan to us. Why were the four of us picked to be interns?…surely there are more qualified people than us!  Why are the four of us placed in four totally different locations?…why couldnt we all be from Shawnee, Kansas? Why have we been learning the importance of spiritual disciplines in the midst of hardships and in the midst of satan’s evil schemes to get us to fail? Is it not possible that we have been chosen?     I do not mean that maybe we got lucky and got our names in early and, by chance, became interns this summer. What if God has called us together for a purpose, as a group of girls who dont have it all together, who are honestly and earnestly following hard after God. What if, in these last 2 weeks, we begin to realize that this isnt the end …could this be just the very beginning? Just the training and preparation before we are sent out with a mission? A mission to impact Christians and non-Christians alike in a new and emerging way…a way that calls us to be real and honest, a way that calls us to come to Christ with frayed lives and tattered souls to be made new. To realize that we do not need to be polished and shiny to be loved by our Creator. What if Jennifer Suter, Stesha Richter, Kelsey  Fallesen, and Angie Watts were just four out of many who God has called to rise up and be leaders in our generation? To place us in four different locations in four different circles of influence to simply live our lives as God has taught us and called us to live. What if we are the chosen elite? And i do not say that only about us, but all of us as Christians. Are we called to a higher calling…a bigger plan? If so, I am humbled…scared…willing.

I do not know if this is just a light concept that came to our minds, or if it was something that God really wants us to think and pray about. As the cliche saying goes, “I do not know what my future holds, but I know Who holds my future.” Be in prayer for me and for my roommates as we dig deeper into what this is all about.


2 thoughts on “The Chosen Elite

  1. Holy girls are soo right! Chills ran up and down my body as I read this..I know God is calling us to something higher and bigger than ourselves..I am completely humbled…

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