I want to.

Matthew 8:2-3

 Then a leper appeared and went to his knees before Jesus, praying, “Master, if you want to, you can heal my body.”

Jesus reached out and touched him, saying, “I want to. Be clean.” Then and there, all signs of the leprosy were gone.

So when I first read this, and I read Jesus’ response, I heard my own voice saying sarcastically “I want to.” As I mocked the sick man. But then I stopped myself when I realized what an attitude I had! This isnt what Jesus said at all! Jesus said “I want to. Be clean.” And the amazing thing is that he really wanted to! I find my attitude towards others so harsh sometimes. As Christians we are called to love others, but sometimes I wonder if the only reason I love others is because I am commanded to. What would it look like if I genuinely loved people? Not just those people who are easy to love, but those who are sick, dirty, going down the wrong path? What would it look like if I had God-given compassion for people, and didnt just care about them because I am supposed to! Just like Rob Bell said, “If we are loving people with an agenda, are you really loving them?” I mean, Jesus wanted to heal the leper. It wasnt just because he was required to because of who he was, but he genuinely had compassion on the man and had the desire to heal him. What if we loved in the same way? Hmmm. Something to think about.


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