Nightmares of reality.

Last night I dreamed that one of my extended family members was doing harm to another family member. That there was bitterness, backstabbing, bashing, betrayal, baneful behavior between my family members. I woke up to the disturbing fact that my nightmare was a reality of this present world. In all that God is doing in my life, there is so much more that He wants to do…and that applies to everyone…even my family. Its hard to see the destruction that has taken place, the grasp that evil has had in each situation. But again, this applies to the entirety of the world…where satan has been running loose.

The reality is that we live in a torn and broken world. We live in a world where people let us down. We live in a world of selfishness, rather than selflessness. We live in a world where things aren’t always fair….where not everything goes our way. We live in a world where things don’t make sense, where lies flow freely, where deceit destroys relationships, and actions lead to corrupted consequences.

The reality is that most people dont live in reality.  We live for this temporary day, pleasing our temporary selves, striving after temporary goals…and at times, losing our REAL selves for this temporary world. This world will soon pass away, and our lives are not our own. We dont live in reality…but a mere temporary state of being. What would the world look like if people began to live the reality of this life? The reality that this isnt all there is to life…that there’s something so much bigger than us…that what we do here and now is only to determine which “real world” we’ll enter. Am I getting too deep? What I mean is this: our actions, words, and thoughts are the very words we are writing on our application into the college of eternity. There are only two colleges that specialize in the area of eternity…heaven or hell. Which one do you want to be accepted into? That should determine what you want written on your application…..

Its not just about what you BELIEVE…but also about what you DO that will determine which college you’ll get into….

Think about it….and tell me if I’m not thinking straight.


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