Backstage pass!

I told my mom this past weekend, while I was home, that I felt like I had won a backstage pass to Westside and the leaders of Westside. I’ve briefly gotten to know Megan (Eastland) over a few lunches, and just seen some other people lead on worship team, but never gotten to know any of them. But this summer I am getting to know all of those people on a personal level…such as the staff…and some amazing women of God in the life group Im going to this summer. Let me just say, in the few times that I have had lunch with Megan, I come to admire her more and more. How one woman can be so strong, and so Godly, blows my mind. My heart’s desire is to become that strong in my faith, that when lifes WORST STORMS come my way, I can stand strong, and praise Him through those storms (like the Casting Crowns’ song ‘Praise You in this Storm.’) I am just so excited that Megan is my mentor this summer, not only because we’ll get to know each other and a little more about our lives, but because I’m excited to learn and grow and mature in my faith by watching her example in life. Just in the few lunches that we have had together, and barely knowing anything about her life, and just knowing her as an acquaintance, I could see God all over her…and I wanted to become a woman of God like that. And now, through God’s guidance and blessing, I am an intern at Westside and I actually get to be mentored by my true role model. (kinda crazy how someone can be your role model when you dont know them hardly at all, but hey, when someone is this Godly…it works. ) Anyways, I am just so excited to see where God leads, and how He develops me this summer. Im excited for the relationships that I form, and the opportunities that this may lead to later on in my future. Hey, if they ever need a graphic designer, I’m applying for the job!! Haha…but seriously, its a dream of mine.  

Well, Its almost 1 AM, and 8:00 will be here way too soon, so I am off to bed….but I had to share that before I crawl under the sheets. Goodnight! 


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