Wow, I’m sorry i havent posted for a few days..dont worry, I’m still alive! It has been crazy the past few days here at Westside, because this week is the official move! (woo hoo!) Sunday i drove back down here and helped at Thirst (HS youth group) and then finished unpacking my room for the summer..and that was quite a task! Yesterday the interns helped pack up at the old church and we also contacted a few students, and last night we went over to Scott and Cassie’s house (the youth pastor) for burgers, nachos and cheese, and homemade ice cream! Score!!  Today was a lot of moving, unpacking, finishing up the new building, calling some girls, and a whole lot more working at the church! But now, after a nice shower, Im here and ready to share a few thoughts that I’ve had in the past few days!

#1: As a lot of you know, and some of you dont, Megan Eastland was married to a great guy named Brandon for a short time, and he lost his life to cancer this past January. I never met him, but from all that I have heard of him, he was an amazing man of God. As the girls and I were checking our email, myspaces, and xanga’s on my computer last night, we got into a conversation about Brandon and his life and his walk with God…mostly Jen explained it because she knew him. We didnt dwell on the conversation long, but one of the girls said something that really stuck out to me…she commented on how ALIVE Brandon was even though he was physically dying, but how sad it is how many people are DEAD even though they’re still living. And it just struck me. God has given us each day to make the most out of life. Are we going to use each breath to praise God and allow Him to fill us with life, or are we going to waste each breath living each day for ourselves..and live a life dead to Christ?

#2: In our Bible study yesterday we read Isaiah 6. After that we were pointing out things that stood out to us, and Klint, the JH director, stopped and said “sometimes it blows my mind to see how many times we skip so many amazing passages in the Bible, and the power of the word such as “I SAW THE LORD.” I mean, yeah we read that and just think “ok He saw the Lord high and lifted up and the train of his robe filled the temple with glory….next verse.” but think about it. He SAW the LORD! And can you imagine the train of a bride’s dress filling an ENTIRE sanctuary?? Thats just a glimpse of the power in this statement “and the train of his robe FILLED the temple!” WOW. Makes me want to slow down and just attempt to grasp the concepts.

#3: Another thought from our Bible yesterday. Isaiah 6:5–“Woe to me!” I cried. “I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the LORD Almighty.”  NIV. In this passage Isaiah realizes that, compared to God, he is absolutely nothing. Like a crumbled building, wood turned to ashes, compared to God he is ruined. I just remember the verse that says we’re made in His image, and i have a mental image of God on one side, and me on the other, and how unholy and unperfect I am. Yet God still has a relationship with us. He doesnt dethrone himself or deny any of His majesty, but he makes Himself comprehendable and relatable to US…those who are unperfect, unholy, RUINED. I find it humbling to think of myself in that regard. When I build myself up in the little talents that i have, or who I’ve become, or what I aspire to be…i am put back into place when I remember that compared to God I am ruined. Not even the angels in Isaiah 6 are as holy as Him, and they’ve never sinned! They must use a pair of wings to guard their eyes from Him, and use a pair of wings to guard their feet for they must not tread in the presence of His holiness. And I think before those communication lines between God and us become clearer, we must realize that we’re ruined before Him. He completely ruins us with his holiness.

So with that in mind, before I go, I just remind myself…May I know that I am ruined by His holiness, and that I am nothing compared to Him. May I know that only by His GRACE have I been saved, and not by my works, so I really cannot boast! And may I be pressed to pursue that holiness in a way that I’ve never done before.

I’ll be back to post again later!


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