Staff, Interns, and “Internville”

I took a few pictures of our beautiful house, that we nicknamed “Internville” for now, until we come up with a better name.  But hopefully this will give you a better “feel” for where I’m living!! I havent gotten around to taking pictures of the staff and my fellow interns, but with the amazing World Wide Web, I easily found a picture of them all! (scary, huh! ). So I now present to you ….”STAFF, INTERNS, and ‘INTERNVILLE.'”
The House
Here is our awesome house! The woman and her two young boys who live here, and attend Westside, moved down to South Africa for the summer. The boys are going to school (for the experience) and the lady is a nurse and is working for an AIDS relief camp for the summer…she is on her own little missions trip! She couldnt find anyone to rent out the house for 3 months, so after much prayer, she handed it over to the church to be used for us, the church is paying for our utilities while we stay there. It is SUCH a blessing!!

The house and living room
More living room
Stairway and Kitchen
Kitchen table and entering my room
The one closet that’s “off limits” is in my room.
But my room also contains all of the computer stuff! Score!

Scott Wilson (youth pastor)–left
and Klint Bitter(JH director)–right
Left to Right:
Jennifer Suter (HS intern-27)
Crystal Renaud(designer-21?),
and Megan Eastland
(Youth worship leader and curriculum developer-25)
Joshua Hedger (HS intern-25) and his wife Tish (22)
Jonny Wooddell (JH intern-20)
Stesha Richter (HS intern-21)
Kelsey Fallesen (JH intern-19)
Me! (JH intern-20)


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